Organisation Profile

The Australian Lebanese Christian Federation Inc. is a (Non-Profit) Charitable Association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 since the 20th of August 1986 and the Charitable Collections Act, 1934. Our Founder members are: The Honourable Senator Edward Obeid, Mr Wally Wehbe and Mr Anwar Harb who are prominent members of the Australian Lebanese Christian Community. The Australian Lebanese Christian Federation Inc. receives funding grants from The Department of Community Services (DoCS) for the provision of services to the Lebanese/Arabic speaking community. We are a community Hub for information and referral services, community capacity building and service planning and development to address the needs of the disadvantaged Arabic speaking people. We assist this target group to enhance their ability accessing mainstream support services e.g. health, local government, education, housing and Centrelink. Two different types of members constitute the Australian Lebanese Christian Federation. The individual members and the association members; these are the village associations of Lebanon as well as other non-profit associations. The Sydney Cedars Sports Club is an association member of The Australian Lebanese Christian Federation that provides youth multicultural interaction through different sports activities, mainly volleyball. Sydney Cedars volleyball teams have been winning for the sixteenth consecutive year the New South Wales championship and Australia's championship for the fifth consecutive year. They have been organising an annual tour to Lebanon for the last fifteen years, against Lebanon's top teams and winning each one of them.


It is with proud reflection I mention the effective year the Federation has had in its enduring objective to better assist and service the community.
It is not without the monumental effort and dedication of the management team which has been instrumental in co-ordinating and implementing the various services and information sessions that have been the core existence of this Federation.
Our services have become prevalent which the community has come to depend on with complete trust as we provide positive results for individual needs.
We endeavour to consistently create innovative ideas to cater for integration of the non-English speaking community into the broader spectrum and to provide a connection to all mainstream services.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Department of Community Services of NSW for their continual support and funding to which we are grateful.
Finally I would like to thank the executive committee, management and members for their efforts and support, and I look forward to the following year which I confidently stress is of the highest standard of service for the community.


joseph haddad

It is with great regard that I thank the efforts and relentless support of the management of the ALCF, their effortless abilities throughout the year has been the backbone of our widespread recognition within the community.
In addition we look forward to initiating the new community builder’s plan which will better equip the Federation on providing thorough services for the community.
Our previous efforts have not gone unnoticed as our feedback has become widespread with a reputation of offering no end to services to assist people of various needs, from the elderly to the youth.
We continue to service and connect people to various organisations for more effective results.
It is with joy we provide activities for the Senior Citizens and the Youth which includes sports events and group participation to bring the community together on a monthly basis to create awareness of the services the Federation provides.
It is our responsibility to ensure that the community at large is familiar with the Australian Lebanese Christian Federations existence and support whether via direct contact or phone enquires.


Nazih Moussa

This year I am proud to report that our budget and planning have been effectively accurate. Included is all the relevant information which indicates the careful and precise budgeting of the Federations daily operational skills.
I am especially delighted with the new work plan and funding as it has been utilised effectively for community services by the Federation.
Also with deep regard I would like to thank the Department of Community Services for their support throughout the year and their initiative to create a better system to service our community with funding that have been well utilized for that purpose.
Continual thanks to the Executive Committee and Management for achieving a standard of service that is truly inspirational.


Executive Committee:

President:  Wally Wehbe
Vice President: Dani Geagea
Treasurer: Nazih Moussa
Secretary: Remy Wehbe
Media:  Antoine Kazzi

Committee Members
Joseph Fadel, Tony Mrad, John Dakan, Joseph Bouchaaya, John Torbey and Sayed Mikhael.